Friday, September 28, 2007

Day one of my healing blog

I have been "studying" holistic health since I was 18. I even wrote articles and worked for the Gerson Institute for several years. I learned a great deal from Charlotte Gerson, who is Dr. Max Gerson's only surivivng child.

Since moving to Taiwan 3 weeks ago, I have drastically changed my diet and healing regimen. I am slowly recovering from facial paralysis following brain surgery at Mass. General. I had a 4.5 cm (benign) tumour removed on July 31,2007. It was an acoustic neuroma. I lost my hearing in my left ear, but my right ear is working perfectly, thank God!

I thought it would be helpful to others if I shared what I am doing to aid the healing process. This will ALSO give me an impetus to STAY on the right path. I seem to have veered a bit this week(well, it WAS the MOON FESTIVAL), so I need to get back on the wagon. That's the beauty of mornings, the promise of a NEW DAY.

For breakfast:

1 thick piece of whole grain bread, spread with natural peanut butter (no salt, sugar or hydrogenated other words it ain't Skippy!).

3/4 homemade style plain yogurt with a small handful of Mornflake Deluxe Muesli w/Fruit and Nuts. I can get this UK brand here in Taipei now. I love it. I also sprinkled it with a tablespoon of flax seeds. Oh and I ate one prune.

English Breakfast Tea w/honey. ( I HAD sworn off caffeine, but I am going to have one cup of tea w/breakfast because I miss it very much!).

For supplements I took 2 Women's Multivitamin agood natrural brand type from Whole Foods, 1 capsule of Omega Fish Oil (EPA+DHA)
this is for Omega- 3 fatty acids - it's Salmon Oil, I B-complex vitamin for my nervous system, 1 full medicine dropper of a mix of 7 Mushroom extracts (the brand is Fungi Perfecti's Mycomedicinals) "Stamets Seven Mushroom Blend Extract"). This extract is supposed to aid the nervous system, and I think it is having a real effect on my facial paralysis. The company's toll-free number is 800-780-9126. Very cool Washington state types! The other number is: 360-426-9292.

Lunch: A few almonds and a rye Wasa cracker that tastes like cardboard. Yum. Ok I was busy and worked out instead of having a proper lunch.

(Worked out for 45 mins. burned 500 calories! Elliptical Trainer and Crossramp Sat in sauna for about 5 minutes). Felt great after workout!!!

Dinner: Vegetarian Stuff - stir fried mushrooms, tofu, steamed (?) broccoli, brown rice w/adzuki beans and sesame seeds.

1/2 apple

snack: too many dried mangoes that we bought in the oldest part of Taipei this evening! They were yummy - sugar added. Oh well.

Now I will take a chamomile enema and see if it helps me sleep!
(Anjoli is embarrassed that I wrote about taking an enema. There's no shame in an enema, ok Anjoli?). Now she's slapping her forehead with the palm of her hand. Poor babe.

Last night I went to a local eye doctor who worked at Mass. Eye and Ear (wear I had my gold weight implanted on my eyelid - one of my surgeons works for Mass Eye and Ear).

My eye lid still doesn't close well at night, so she told me to tape it after adding this vitamin A lubricant that she gave me. She also gave me good lubricating eye drops to combat the dyness during the day. She said my cornea is fine - I will keep going back for check ups as I run out of drops and lubricant. She told me it could take about a year for my face to fully heal.

Total cost for visit and meds; $15 USD!!!

I hope this format makes sense.

I also pray like crazy throughout (throughout the day) and thanks to Gina, who reminded me of the beautiful Buddhist NAM - MYO - HO RENGE KYO chant I started chanting (originally for the Buddhist monks who are being tortured in Burma at the moment, but even while praying for them, I felt a wonderful sense of calm and well-being while chanting).

I woke up in the middle of the night (I usually do unless I take Ativan which I DO NOT WANT TO RELY ON) and started to chant and it helped relax me. But sadly I took Ativan about an hour later...I hope that was the last one, now I am very groggy.

I am not perfect- but I want to be honest - I know others out there struggle too so I will keep it real. I will let ya'll know how the chamomile worked. I hope it does...I don't want to take anymore Ativan.

Peace and love,
Sue xx

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